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Hello, I'm Monica

Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer


With almost 25 years of Pilates teaching experience, Monica has taught countless celebrities, elite athletes, performers, healthy or infirmed and is blessed to have incredible world shaping clients in Malibu, New Orleans and Santa Barbara. 


Upon graduating UCSB in 1997, Monica was offered an independent scholarship to study Pilates under the strict tutelage of her great aunt, Romana Kryzanowska, in Manhattan New York. This was an extreme honor and privilege as Romana is world renown as Joseph Pilates’ prodigy and had been entrusted to continue teaching his method of exercise. Day in and day out, Romana fed Monica pearls of wisdom and grilled her on possible cases and injuries that would come through the doors of Drago’s Studio. In combination with Monica’s Human Anatomy teaching experience, Romana’s Pilates Independent Certification provided her with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the body on a muscular and functional level.


In 2001, Monica received the highest recognition being selected as a Romana’s Pilates Teacher Trainer. Such individuals are selected to participate due to long-term observations of their experience, dedication and skill as Pilates Instructors. For the past 20 years, Monica has personally been involved with developing countless apprentices, instructors and teaching seminars on behalf of the program for Romana’s Pilates.

Having been poured into by Romana herself, Monica will forever continue to share and teach the wealth of knowledge entrusted to her.

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