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"I have had the pleasure to be a student of Monica’s over the past 11 years. She is an amazing Pilates instructor. She gets to know her individual students and how she can best keep their bodies working and moving to build strength and prevent injuries with other activities that we do. She makes you strive to meet your potential and she personalizes your workout to meet the needs of what is going one with you at each interaction. Since starting Pilates in 2000 I no longer having any lower back pain. I believe I have strengthened my core, improved my posture. I love that there is always something new to learn with the Pilates method and that you build strength over time. It is never boring! I feel so fortunate and blessed to have her as my instructor."


"Not only does Monica have an extensive amount of education, experience, and knowledge but it is obvious she has a real passion and love for her work. Her instruction has always been very personal, tailored to my needs and my body. She has been very observant, flexible and creative in dealing with the different injuries I’ve had over the years. She’s kept me young and flexible, and all the while it’s been fun!"


"I was lucky to find Monica and her Pilates expertise through a good friend.  I’m very active and try to do what I can to continue my travel and exploration lifestyle despite a history of multiple back, knee, and shoulder surgeries.   Monica has helped me develop a plan which has helped me increase my mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance.  She has also decreased my overall history of pain incorporating her knowledge and training techniques."


"If you really want to learn and study classical authentic Pilates, there is no one better than Monica Wilson. I have been a regular practitioner of pilates for over 20 years and Monica is next-level in her integrity and precision working with the body. Practicing Pilates with Monica has increased my mobility. stability and balance which has translated to better functionality in other activities in my daily life."


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